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Start by zooming the map to an area of interest to you. Enter an address or a town/city name.
Select an interactive area to show. You can select an area from the table or by clicking the map to see detailed information, while you have one of these active.
Select any of these layers to see data displayed for water systems and private domestic well communities.
These layers show you four groundwater contaminants for water systems and private domestic wells, with results provided in relation to the regulatory standard (MCL).
This section includes the results of the Central Valley drought scenario analysis for small water system supply wells and private domestic wells. Results are also summarized for counties and GSAs.
Demographic layers here are for three census geometries, and includes the 2017 5-year estimates from the American Community Survey and uses state criteria to identify disadvantaged communities (DACs).
Additional reference boundaries are available here, like DWR B118 groundwater basins.
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